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DeVanté Iman Winn is a graduating senior at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music studying Technology and Applied Composition. DeVanté has been studying music since 2004 when he learned to play the clarinet. Since then, DeVanté has learned saxophone, piano, and percussion, and he can play in a variety of styles and disciplines.
In 2012, DeVanté joined the Army to defend his country. While in the Army, DeVanté discovered his love of composing and created several short pieces, one of which was recorded by the Premier Army Band “Pershing’s Own”. In 2016, DeVanté left the military with aspirations to be a film composer.
DeVanté has taught hundreds of students how to play, create, and enjoy music on various instruments and electronic mediums. Most recently, DeVanté interned at Little Opera in San Francisco. In his time there he orchestrated several piano pieces composed by the children of the program into small ensembles. DeVanté has grown exponentially in his pursuit of music.  His dream is to go to a movie theatre and see his name in the credits as the film’s composer, and he is well on his way to achieving that goal.



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